Collecting Books - Hobby or Obsession - for many of us, it is somewhere between the two.  As an active reference, presented here are common terms of the collector and a few videos that highlight the active collector's passion!

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Bibliography - think of this as the book's background or pedigree.  Usually describes the book and books by the same author.  A good source to look up printings and references.

Book Plate - Usually found on the inside covers, this is the label that carries the owner info.  There are active collectors of vintage book plates and plates of notable people.

Copyright Page - Found on the reverse of the title page and contains the dates and related info of when the work was copyrighted.  Helpful in determining edition - but NOT the single source.

Endpapers - The papers in the front and back of the book.  Decorative, marbled, plain - sometimes helpful in determining edition based on color and/or style. 

Ex Libris - Meaning "from the library of", formerly owned by - and then followed by the owner's name.  Sometimes used to refer to an old library book.

First Edition - This is the 1st time that a specific work is presented to the market as a book. 

Foxing - Think of this as age spots on the paper.

o.p - an abbreviation for out of print

Points - For accurate identification of specific editions, there are "clues" or identifying notes.  For example, a specific edition of a book may have a certain work on line 3 of page 54.

Slip Case - Some editions are presented to market in a box that allows the book to "slip" in to the box.  The slip case stays with the book.  It can be decorative or plain.

State - Refers to a change that is made during a print run.  Could be to the book, to the binding, to the dust jacket.

Tip in - This is a leaf or sheet that is on a single page.  Usually glued in at only one side.  Commonly seen in the older art books.  An illustration or specfic work will be tipped in opposite a page describing the work.
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